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  • 4x5

    shoot from the ground glass or hand held with this lightweight and versatile rangefinder

  • Instax Wide

    The only professional manual control Instax Wide camera ever!

    And custom backs for your 600SE or MUP cameras.

  • 600SE

    swappable backs are just the beginning with this unique machine

  • Fisheye 600 Camera

    unique super wide angle shots with custom bodies

  • Packfilm

    conversions of vintage Polaroid rollfilm to readily availlable instant films

  • The
    Manual Option

    electronically controlled manual shutter conversions

  • Auto to

    quick, lightweight conversions of Land Cameras from automatic exposure to fully manual with a fast lens

  • Colorpack
    Land Cameras

    battery conversion to AAA or lithium, refurbishing and repair


  • OneStep

    one of a kind colors and logos designed by you

Leathers and Coverings

different colors, textures and materials

Available Accessories

cases, filters, shades, lenses and more


Colorpack Land Camera Work

Making the past work again, cheap!

When it comes to shooting instant packfilms like 669, 690, FP100C and the like, there is nothing better than an original Automatic Land Camera.

Polaroid saw fit to put batteries in them which, today, seem strange. Oddly shaped things with what appear to be 9V clips? While you can find these batteries in specialty shops, they certainly aren't cheap. And you aren't going to find them when off on vacation either. Some models take 2, others take 3, but in the end you'll have a camera with batteries you've probably already got lying around. Better yet, they can be found worldwide and last for hundreds of shots!

If you have any Automatic Land Camera from the Model 100 to 450 and any number in-between, now is your chance to get it working again.

All you have to do is box up your camera safely and send it to me. On your approval I will do all the work needed and finally, only with your satisfaction, ask for any payment.

What you get:

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Costs do not include return shipping ($13 Priority anywhere in the US; cheaper if you live in the southeast)

  • Your Polaroid camera modified to 2xAA or 3xAAA batteries.
  • Rangefinder opened and cleaned, calibrated.
  • New foam light seals.
  • General cleaning of body.
  • X-sync flash mod (if requested)

For all Automatic & Manual models including the 180/195



for in stock

Any leather you see on this page can be added to your Land Camera. If you have any other custom ideas in mind, feel free to ask about them.

Feel free to mix and match colors, textures, materials. Sky is the limit on possibilities.

When it comes to using wood there are many natural and UN-natural colors to choose from. Once cut to fit the wood is stained and then sealed for maximum durability.



many colors

Available Upgrades

The following things can be added to your camera. Prices and availabilty are subject to change.

  • Zeiss viewfinder upgrade - $35 (only available on folding viewfinder models)
  • Flash shoe - $35