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  • 4x5

    shoot from the ground glass or hand held with this lightweight and versatile rangefinder

  • Instax Wide

    The only professional manual control Instax Wide camera ever!

    And custom backs for your 600SE or MUP cameras.

  • 600SE

    swappable backs are just the beginning with this unique machine

  • Fisheye 600 Camera

    unique super wide angle shots with custom bodies

  • Packfilm

    conversions of vintage Polaroid rollfilm to readily availlable instant films

  • The
    Manual Option

    electronically controlled manual shutter conversions

  • Auto to

    quick, lightweight conversions of Land Cameras from automatic exposure to fully manual with a fast lens

  • Colorpack
    Land Cameras

    battery conversion to AAA or lithium, refurbishing and repair


  • OneStep

    one of a kind colors and logos designed by you

Leathers and Coverings

different colors, textures and materials

Available Accessories

cases, filters, shades, lenses and more


4x5 Cameras


My most recent 4x5 work.

One of a kind hand-held large format rangefinders.

New55 instant films are here! A replacement for the discontinued professional Polaroid 55 single sheet 4x5 films with instant printable negatives.

What better to shoot new, fresh and spectacular instant 4x5 films than with a camera that started it all more than 60 years ago!

Without a doubt these are the most versatile camera systems available utilizing the International Standard 4x5 Graflok. Superbly lightweight and compact compared to most other 4x5 Graflok systems. Go from focusing directly on ground glass in the studio, to hand holding it on the street.

To get an idea of how a handheld large format camera compares:

  • Polaroid Model 250 Land Camera - 2lb 10oz (1.19kg)
  • Un-modified Polaroid 110A/110B - 4lb 8oz (2.05kg)
  • Converted Polaroid 110A/B 4x5 Compact Graflok - 3lb 11oz (1.67kg)
    (4lbs 8oz with focusing panel ground glass attached)
  • Converted Polaroid 110A/B 4x5 Compact Body & Graflok - 3lb 6oz (1.53kg)

Utilizing the standard 4x5 system means that every single 4x5 film back and attachment will fit. If its made for 4x5 cameras it also fits on these conversions.

Shoot 100% full frame 4x5 sheets and be able to switch to 3x4 instant packfilm or 120/220 rollfilms easily. All lenses available for these cameras cover 4x5 without vignetting even wide open! If you are interested in swappable lenses please see my custom lensmount page.

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  • 4x5 Polaroid 110A/B camera
  • 127mm f4.7 Rodenstock Ysarex lens
  • Prontor shutter fully CLA-ed for accurate speeds; X or M flash sync w/PC socket; BULB setting
  • Full sized Graflok back with sliders
  • Ground glass focusing panel

Available Upgrades

The following things can be added or done to your camera. Prices and availabilty are subject to change.

  • Compact Body Upgrade - $125

    reduces weight and sizes
    smallest hand-held 4x5 rangefinder available
  • Compact Graflok Upgrade - $100

    reduces overall height
  • 150mm lens - $contact
  • Newer Copal/Seikosha shutter - $185-250
  • New leather hand strap - $45
  • Grid-lined ground glass - $40
  • Fresnel lens for focusing panel - $40
  • Viewing hood for focusing panel - $40
  • f90 pinhole lenscap - $contact

Also Available!

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A different kind of 4x5 system without a focusing rangefinder, but instead distance stops and a sport wire-frame finder. Without the constraint of s coupled rangefinder you can use any focal length #0 sized shutter from 90mm-150mm and up! Easily shoot macro by removing the infinity stop and pushing past.

  • 4x5 Polaroid 95/110B camera
  • 127mm f4.7 Rodenstock Ysarex lens
    Standard lens is 127mm but I can offer 90, 135 and 150 as upgrades
  • Prontor shutter fully CLA-ed for accurate speeds; X or M flash sync w/PC socket; BULB setting
  • Full sized Graflok back with sliders