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  • 4x5

    shoot from the ground glass or hand held with this lightweight and versatile rangefinder

  • Instax Wide

    The only professional manual control Instax Wide camera ever!

    And custom backs for your 600SE or MUP cameras.

  • 600SE

    swappable backs are just the beginning with this unique machine

  • Fisheye 600 Camera

    unique super wide angle shots with custom bodies

  • Packfilm

    conversions of vintage Polaroid rollfilm to readily availlable instant films

  • The
    Manual Option

    electronically controlled manual shutter conversions

  • Auto to

    quick, lightweight conversions of Land Cameras from automatic exposure to fully manual with a fast lens

  • Colorpack
    Land Cameras

    battery conversion to AAA or lithium, refurbishing and repair


  • OneStep

    one of a kind colors and logos designed by you

Leathers and Coverings

different colors, textures and materials

Available Accessories

cases, filters, shades, lenses and more


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So, feel free to contact me knowing that I will get quickly back to you. I like to keep in contact with customers as work progresses so they are never left in doubt as to what is going on with their camera.


Most of my work is custom based for people just like you. However, I do occasionally build a machine for myself and eventually sell it should you want something right away without much fuss. There is typically one or two cameras ready to go right this very moment.

If you don't see something that strikes your fancy, why not contact me with your ideas and perhaps together we can create something truly unique. I am always up for a challenge!

Hopefully this website will get you thinking about Polaroid Conversions and just which kind is right for you!

Currently Complete and Ready to Go Now!

The Manual Option
A unique way to control your Land Camera just like a 180 or 195 without the price or worry of ever needing calibration.

  • 10 shutter speeds up to 1/1000
  • 6 aperture settings
  • Zeiss viewfinder available
  • New front and top plates (custom ones available for you or your business)
  • X-sync modification of PC socket for electronic flashes
  • Many accessories, cases, flashes available!

Galaxian - Polaroid 110B Super 4x5 Compact Graflok Conversion

  • Compact international standard Graflok back
  • Copal #0 shutter with 1/500 max speed and preview switch
  • Tripod adapter #261 & tripod spacer
  • Filter adapter for Series 6 threads and filters
  • Black leather all around
  • HyperSpeed 4x5 direct positive paper & chemicals!
  • One double sided sheet film holder

Dendroaspis - Auto to Manual Conversion

  • 127mm f4.7 Tominon len
  • Copal press shutter with finger and cable release trigger
  • Black lizard covering
  • Fresh Fuji FP100C film